How to Go Glamping in Europe

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If you want to experience Europe from a whole new perspective, consider glamping on your next vacation. This portmanteau of “glam” and “camping” is a type of vacation that puts you in touch with nature, but in a clean, comfy way. Find out where to glamp in Europe and what you should bring along.

It’s a phenomenon that has sprung to life in the last ten years and shows no signs of slowing down: glamping. Glamping is the ideal vacation for someone who wants to experience the great outdoors, but prefers a bit more luxury than traditional camping provides.

Glamping is a posh alternative to camping, with treehouses, yurts, teepees, and safari tents (among others) replacing those traditional canvas tents that your family used on childhood vacations. It is also an amazing way to experience a unique European vacation, offering a look at the continent’s most stunning natural wonders while maintaining an air of comfort.

Where Can You Go Glamping in Europe?
Glamping is available almost anywhere that you might want to visit, especially in and around the most touristy spots in Europe. Perhaps you want a decked-out yurt in a field of edelweiss in Switzerland, a canvas lodge in Noirmoutier Island, France, or an old-fashioned Dutch caravan in Algarve, Portugal? All three are glamping options. Dreaming of a coastal vacation in Cadiz, Spain? There’s a choza, a traditional beach hut, available for your enjoyment.

Location is everything when it comes to glamping, and remote destinations have used this trend as a unique way to open unspoiled landscapes and remote communities to tourism. Although countries throughout Europe offer glamping, consider the following three experiences to jumpstart your glamping research

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