It's Time to Try a Tiny House Resort

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Are you a believer in “less is more?” These tiny house resorts and destinations provide big experiences in a small space.

Do you think “less is more”? Are travel-sized products your favorite part of packing for a trip? Have you been binging on the TV show Tiny House Nation on HGTV or streaming the tiny house documentaries on Netflix? You’re not alone: Tiny is hot right now.                           

A tiny house, for those who are unfamiliar, is generally considered to be a house that's fewer than 400 or 500 total square feet (though the definition is up for some debate). The tiny house movement began in the late nineties but has gained traction in the last five years. Now you can even live in a tiny house without buying one—you can rent one during a vacation. Perfect for those who want to “try on tiny” for the unique experience, tiny house resorts are available all over the country. So pack lightly and get ready to post a lot of cool Instagram photos at one of these tiny house vacation destinations.

Austin’s Original Tiny Home Hotel, TX
It’s not surprising that the cool and quirky city of Austin offers an opportunity to try out a tiny home. Located near a golf course, lake, forest, and the Travis County Exposition Center (which hosts arts and crafts shows, dog shows, car shows, 5K races, and more), this collection of five tiny homes is certainly worth checking out in this Texas hotspot.

WeeCasa Tiny House Hotel, CO
Situated in Lyons, Colorado, which is near the city of Boulder, WeeCasa is the biggest (in terms of square footage) tiny house hotel in the country, with 10 individual units. Most of the “homes” contain less than 200 square feet but are equipped with beds, bathrooms, and kitchenettes. Popular with wedding parties, this resort is a destination all its own

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